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Shows That Make Me Happy – My Happy List

Some days can be rough, but there are a few shows and movies that can always put a smile on my face.

This post is part of week 4 of my challenge called My Happy List. You can see the topics for this week here.

Shows that make me happy

  • La que se avecina – I can never get tired of these Spanish series, there’s always something new every season. Sometimes the humour gets spicy, but it’s hard not to laugh along.
  • Your Face Sounds Familiar (Bulgaria) – this is a show where celebrity contestants impersonate famous singers. I love both the concept and the hosts of the Bulgarian version.

There’s a ton of movies, series and even youtube channels that make me laugh, but these two are just my go-tos when I need a dose of happiness.

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  1. Cool list, never head of them but if it makes you happy, then I am happy. šŸ™‚
    I will join in the challenge when the system picks up the pace a little.