My review of the movie Kingsman

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I love going to the movies. In part, I got that love from my mother. She and I used to go to every single Peter Seller’s movie released for many years. The Pink Panther movies were ones that she and I enjoyed more than anything. We laughed so loudly once the usher came and asked us to be quiet. We loved those movies so much no one else in our family would go to the movies with us! That said, I went to the Kingsman, the original when it first came out. It was a remarkable movie.

In fairness, I have to acknowledge that I am a huge Colin Firth Fan!

I loved the premise and the layout of the movie. It was extremely well done. I won’t force a spoiler alert by giving away the plot, but as we are getting ready to go to the second of the movies in the series I highly recommend the first one!

Overall I give Kingsmen 1, a 5 out of 5!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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