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Rat Nest ~ Day 136

I have talked before about how the cute little sparrows will kill the bluebirds. I will not post any of the damage they have done over the years to my backyard bluebirds. But I will show you how they build right over the bluebird nest. I call it a rat nest. 

These sparrows (in the blue birding world) are called rat birds. They are actual predators to the bluebirds. It is legal to kill them. I do not but I do scare them way every day. I never would have thought a little sparrow could be so vicious. The bluebirds started building a nest yesterday, I shared a post with you. This morning I go out to check and the house is full of a rat nest. I removed it and this time I took a photo. I wanted you to see what I mean. A funny sidenote. As I was removing the nest, the sparrow was in the nest and when it flew, it scared both of us. I almost dropped the nest! If you could see the nest closer, you would see they get anything they can find to make their nest. Trash, sticks, whatever. The bluebirds use pine straw only and their nest is very neat. And they will not build unless the house is clean. Anyway, probably too much information for most of you. But when the bluebirds come around, I spend my days cleaning out the rat nests, several times a day. They will finally give up and go away. The bluebirds also have to help by chasing them. And they are doing just that. So wish us all good luck. I love my Bluebirds of Happiness!

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I am continuing with the 365 Photos Challenge and I am now on Day 136.


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  1. We don’t have Blue birds in New Zealand but there are a few birds who will kill Sparrows, The Mynas and Roseallas. Not to mention the predator bird, the New Zealand Harrier Hawk.
    Im pleased you act to save the Bluebird nests
    The Bluebirds look beautiful.

  2. I am sorry to hear that they are doing it. It’s especially sad when there are people like you who provide food and the right enviornment for all the birds to live in peace. On the other hand, I can’t really blame them because that’s their nature, sadly. Life can be cruel. We, people, can do a much bigger damage than them. However, I am happy to hear that you use peaceful ways to protect the bluebirds.

    • Ellie, It happens every year, some years are worse than others. And I knew the situation that I was dealing with wild birds and nature when I got into it, but it brings such joy to see the baby bluebirds, it is worth it. Absolutely life can be cruel. There are bullies even in the animal kingdom. Thank you.