Shattered ~ Day 244

The last two bluebird eggs are gone. The nest is officially gone for the year. The sparrows managed to win the game this round. Found bluebird eggs within a few days of hatching destroyed. Pierced by the house sparrow beaks. They started building a nest on top of the broken eggs. The house has been taken down. I will continue next year all over again. This happens from time to time. Never gets easier. But I know going into it I am dealing with nature. Shattered eggs and shattered heart for now. This too shall pass.


365 Photos Challenge Day 244

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Vishnu beat Shiva and then lost in the grudge match. But keep in mind that you got a bumper crop to begin with and you made sure the sparrows did not profit from their felony…

    • You are exactly correct Alex. I have to keep reminding myself about that bumper crop to get me through. This is all a grim reminder of how it is for wildlife in nature. Most do not have the protection I give the bluebirds. The bluebirds have been lucky over the past several years in my yard and then nature intervenes. I will start over in the spring.

  2. Of course, the sorrow is great. And I’m sorry.
    Is there a possibility that in a large fenced cage, where they can not learn the sparrows and those birds live, nest and get the young?