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Quota ~ 365 Photos Challenge #105

You’re right, it’s not the UFO! It is merely a downlight with a LED bulb. This kind of product by a certain brand is promised a three-year life assurance, and in detail, it is said to have a lifetime of between 25,000 hours and 60,000 hours.

Something I confuse about this thing is why televisions that use LED lights like these have a short lifespan? Really, since 2014 I have changed TV three times because of this LED light problem.

Well, forget about it because what I really want to discuss in this post is not about the LED lights but about the time share of the lifespan itself. In fact, I never stop thinking about life and all its secrets, (my apology, with all humility) even after profound some deep spiritual experiences.

The one that once made me feel curious is about our own life quota, of course, everyone is different, but the question is the quota unit of our life. Do you think the unit of our lives is the number of years, the amount of heartbeat, or the amount of breath? Of course, this unit of difference produces different answers. For example, if the unit used is the amount of breath, then those who exercise frequently will be faster in consuming and spend the quota because of frequent fast breathing.

Okay friends, once again, this is just a joke in silly contemplation, so you don’t have to take it seriously! But if you think that this is a serious thing, then you need to be careful and alert to life.

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  1. Simplicity of life does not mean that it has to be spent in poverty and misery. It is enough to have what you need and not want what you do not need. – Charan Sing

  2. Well you did it again. The master of psychology just out-did himself. A+ on this one would be too low of a grade lol but for real. Very interesting information that was spoke from the heart.
    My sister is in the hospital. Had to call the ambulance. pray for her!

  3. Interesting Albert, no one knows about the number of days anyone lives. My 2 uncles were healthy men and died in their 70s of cancer. Another man, a pacific island man told me his grandfather ate and smoked and lived to 102 years. He had given up smoking for 2 years.
    No guarantees – but healthy food & exercise improves the quality of your life, however a lot is your attitude to life.

    • I totally agree with your point of view, Pamela. Certain experiences allow me to say (at least as a personal point of view) that health and sickness is only a journey of life and not directly related to death. I myself know two long-lived, earthy, spiritual people living on a mountain, a 235-year-old woman (passed away 2008) and a 136-year-old man, both smoking and drinking coffee. It is true that logically with a good quality of life we ​​will be more able to enjoy life. But of all the paradigms and attitudes that he raises is very decisive.

  4. Your question immediately reminded me of this quote… Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.