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One Hundred And One ~ 365 Photos Challenge #101

One hundred and One.

That is the number I am achieving today. The number of days that have been stepping together with me in this challenge.

Symbolically as well as each nature (energy) contained in it, one hundred one has a great meaning.

101 = 1 + 0 + 1

Essence, Nature 1 = Allah, God, Divine, Sole, Creator; Life, Being, Animate, Eternal Ever;

Essence, Nature 0 = Silence, Fasting, Hunger, Patience, Stoic, Gratitude, Sincere, Sunyata; Dead, Not Available, Empty, Not lifeless, Perish.

One of the symbolic interpretations I can say is that the Divine always flank or keep or even in one with the sunyata which is the centre of peace. From the essence of its nature, it can also be interpreted as; from the Omnipresent, dead, and then back to Him, or from the soul (we, human and other living beings) enter into emptiness, sunyata, as the center of true peace and return to the common man, yet enlightened and with divinely conscious.

101 is also the same as 2 that has the meaning of Peace, Partnership, Diplomacy, and Spirituality, also Creatures, Humans, Servants, Obedient, Submissive, Kneeling in Worship, Soul/Spirit. After I count, my total birthrate is 10 = 1. Referring to a particular approach the implies the nature of life and death. That Life (1) and Death (0) merely belong to God/Divinity (1), not something else.

If I put a hammer beside a doughnut, I want to say jokingly that life is a joke indeed, life can be sweet but also hard or bitter. Many I want to say through this photo but you will be bored reading it because it is too long. Hope you can interpret it too, more than what I said here. Or you can think of it as an invisible part of the 101 Dalmatians movie…

Hey, this is just a joke about numbers, so do not take it seriously, but if you take it seriously, who knows there will be an enlightenment though. Ha ha ha…

If you curious and eager to participate in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines to join.


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  1. The first thing that came into my mind when I saw the photo was…

    “I hope you did use that hammer on that doughnut”.

    Poor thing, you will surely break the plate in doing that. hehehe

    Great post, my friend. A very meaningful one I might add.

    Me, on the other hand, is still catching up on my own challenge. hehehe.

    • Hi John… thank you for your appreciation. Well, I think sometimes we need to make something a bit different, something that not only rely on the camera but also the creativity, including to create photos with very scary results like this… lol… Today I should have post to 104th, but I just posted the 103rd one and thankfully, it was directly approved by Natalie.

  2. Since ancient times, numbers have played an important and multifaceted role in human life. Ancient people have attributed to them special and supernatural qualities – some numbers have brought happiness and success, others could cause a blow to fate. This idea with the hammer has taken me a lot.

    • I really want to show you the creepy atmosphere with this photo. Hopefully, this looks very scary. lol. Sometimes it’s more fun to chew a hammer than a doughnut indeed. lol. Actually, I don’t know anything about numerology but this is just a lure for I hope someone will teach me about it.

  3. You want to attack a poor and innocent doughnut with hammer?!? ??? One day you said that Universe is but number; today you said not to take it seriously. Well, kind sir, can you please make up your mind? ??? I used numerology to sum up my name and see what it stands for — plus I read about my life path. Maybe it is something not to be taken seriously like astrology; but just like astrology, it is fascinating how it can hit the nail by its head somehow. ?

    • I am happy when you defend the sweet innocent doughnut, and I feel proud of the attitude of someone like that. Nevertheless, I also feel the need to show the reality honestly, that beautiful rain can also cause floods or landslides, or like the beauty of the sea that occasionally picks anyone, whether they are evil or kind by a tsunami.Those are the times when the universe speaks in a moment of truth.
      According to numerology, what does it say about your name? Then, what does he say about my name?

      • Rain will not cause flood and landslide if we know how to live and cooperate with nature. Tsunami is another matter. I read something which Osho wrote — in essence, he said that nature has to collect more humans (in death) because we now have longer life expectancy than many of our ancestors. Whether that is true or not, I cannot say. Still, some calamities may also be the nature’s reaction to our actions. And yes, let me get back to you what your destiny number is ???. Why it didn’t occur to me to do just that, I have no explanation.


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