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Explaining in Detail ~ Day 166

I posted yesterday about attending my friend’s Celebration of Life. I sometimes forget there are many out there with different traditions from different countries. I was asked just what is a Celebration of Life. This is the best way I know how to explain.

In recent years, funeral services have evolved from formal, structured ceremonies with little or no information regarding the life of the deceased to a personalized celebration of a life remembered. The key to turning a funeral into a celebration of life is planning a customized gathering that is representative of the departed’s personality. Nearly every part of the event can be personalized these days, including the readings, music, displays, venue and sometimes food.

These personalized memorials are warmer, more intimate gatherings that encourage family and friends to reflect on the person and all the things they enjoyed in life rather than focus solely on their absence. Personal touches with a less formal atmosphere also help friends and loved ones feel more comfortable with sharing memories of the departed.

A slideshow of the lost loved one is a very personal touch. This was used at my friend’s service, along with her favorite songs played. Her grandson and son-in-law also said a few words about her. They shared their love as well as a few funny stories. They also served dinner afterwards. Each service is different, you can make it the way you want to, no rules.

Having a Celebration of Life instead of the traditional funeral seems to lighten the mood a little. It is still very sad and many emotions, of course, but just a little different way of remembering your loved one. It is done more often when the body is cremated. And I believe it is important for the family to remember they have choices.

Sharing the flowers again I took to my friend days before she passed. She loved all flowers and always had a smile for everyone.


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  1. We should send flowers more often and just because. We should do kinder things often just because. In that way there will be no regrets when our loved ones move on to a different dimension. We would have fulfilled each and every moment.

    • You are right, and I hand delivered these to her right next door, so glad before she died she was able to enjoy them. Regrets are the worst to live with.

  2. I think that’s a very good way to commemorate the life of those who have gone. Especially by revealing how this beloved person has colored and is meaningful in life.
    I am reminded of The Last Samurai movie with starring Tom Cruise who plays as Capt. Nathan Algren who answered the Emperor’s question about how the last Samurai died ‘”I’ll tell you how he lives.”

  3. This is a wonderful perspective and idea! It’s always hard to lose someone you love, but remembering them and celebrating their life is very important.

  4. i had a coworker named David who died of cancer very young. The Executive Director of our agency held a memorial breakfast where omelettes were cooked to order for all the employees because it was David’s favorite thing to cook. It did lighten the mood and made it easier for everyone to share memories of him.

  5. Yes, I had a celebration of life at my husbands funeral. Although a sad time, it was nice also to celebrate his life. They are lovely flowers Carol.