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Remembering ~ Day 196

I lost my Mother when I was only 14 years old. I don’t have a lot of memories of her but the ones I have are good ones. Everybody loved my Mom. She was the type that was always happy. Always had a smile and a loving heart. She loved her family. 

Sadly she was taken away too soon. She was only 39 years old. A heart attack. Way too soon to leave. But no matter the age, we are never ready to let our loved ones go. I dedicate these roses from Dustin’s garden to my loving Mother, I lost her many years ago on this day. I always smile when I think of her and I know that makes her happy. Treasure your loved ones in your life. You never know what the next moment holds.


365 Photos Challenge Day 196


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Written by Carol DM


    • Yes I have Doc from an early age. Things I should not have had to endure but I am still here! Thank you for your continued support. Helping others I feel is what I am here for. That, in turn helps me.

          • My wife is a Hospice Social Worker, she spends all day dealing with people as they prepare for their next journey. Her job is to help the family prepare to let go. She says sometimes that is the hardest thing for anyone to do. But once they are able to move on, they find so much joy in remembering the person at their best.

          • Wow, it takes a special person to have that job. Your wife is like an angel. My Dad was on hospice when he died last year. Each one of the nurses were my angels. They helped me more than I could tell them. I had to let go and they were right there.

  1. Mothers are very special. You are right, best to treasure those close to you and seize the day!
    Sorry you lost some dear people. I lost quite a few people I had become close friends in my work as a home carer. I also miss them and both my parents very much.

  2. I try to hold on to my loved ones everyday, because I know life is full of uncertainties. The flowers are beautiful, and I bet she is still gazing upon them knowing how much you love her. She sends her love back I am sure of it.