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Dawn for day #47 in a Classic List for the 365 Photos Challenge

I thought I would try something different for today’s photo. I always take several shots as many of us do of the same thing. A few days ago I woke up to this beautiful dawning to the day, and shared my heart sun photo for day number 46, but there were these left over.. I couldn’t decide which ones to delete and which to keep.

Can you help me decide? Can you pick a favorite? Have fun and only up-vote your favorite! You can comment on them if you choose.

Have a great day and if you would like to join in and challenge yourself to a photo a day feel free to join in, no nomination or invitation required as you can see from the original post here at rules and guidelines.

#1 The trees

This one shows more of the trees on the right.

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#2 Sunrise

More trees and sky, but the fence got in the way. 

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#3 Closer look

The sun was too bright, but the rays from it in the sky were cool. 

#4 The sky

This one shows more sky, with the sun on more to the right.

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#5 My art

Made from this set of pictures. 



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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. But why ask me to choose dear lady when I love all of them hahaha I am the same with the sun. I would take few shots then wait for it to rise some more and take another few and wait and repeat. Before I knew it, I have over 2 dozens of just one sunrise or sunset. Lol