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Lazarus Saturday & Palm Sunday In Bulgaria

According to the Eastern Orthodox calendar, the Saturday a week before Easter is the day of Saint Lazarus. It celebrates the raising of Lazarus of Bethany. 

Traditionally, on this day in Bulgaria young unmarried girls wear folk costumes and go together singing to pick up flowers and willow branches. They make wreaths and drop them into the river. It’s believed that the girl who has “the fastest wreath” will be the one who will marry first. It’s also believed that a girl who hasn’t done that won’t marry, so it used to be obligatory for all the girls to do it. Unfortunately, these traditions are getting forgotten nowadays. 

The next day, Palm Sunday, is known as the Day of Flowers in Bulgaria. On this day all people who are named after a flower celebrate their “name day”, and so do those who are named after Saint Lazarus on Saturday.

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  1. Too bad that some cultures these days are slowly fading away because of new pop-culture and technology. I think that ritual is lovely and should be preserved even just in form. Maybe make it a contest if you no longer believe in the original purpose of having the “fastest wreath”