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Easter in Bulgaria

This year, Easter in Bulgaria is on the 8th of April. Traditionally, in Bulgaria we paint eggs and do egg tapping. Painting eggs is really fun because there are so many ways to do it and to be creative. People used to use herbs and plants to paint their eggs, but nowadays we just use egg or food coloring, paint and stickers. On the photo, you can see the eggs I painted last year. You can also check out my favorite methods to dye Easter eggs.

Tapping eggs is fun too as long as it’s done with hard-boiled eggs. ? The game is simple. Every person chooses an egg and, in pairs, people tap each other’s eggs – first the pointy side and then the bottom. It’s believed that the one who has the strongest egg will be very healthy all year. Many jokers could use fake wooden eggs to win the game.

There is another rite of divination, related to eggs. You have to paint the first egg red and to keep it during the year. Then you have to break it, and if it’s preserved inside, the year will be good for the whole family.

Another important thing is the sweet bread called “kozunak”, which is very similar to the Italian panettone. It’s always tasty, but it seems more special during the holidays. ? Making kozunak takes a lot of time and effort, as you can see in this video I found. I’ve never baked it by myself, but I certainly enjoy eating it. 😀

If you celebrate Easter, how do you do it in your country?

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    • I agree! I love bread and cheese too, but I can give you the olives, haha. This Easter bread is a sweet type of bread, so it’s more of a dessert. It doesnt replace the savory one. 🙂

  1. That is so cool. I guess that is why Elenka had a red egg in her Easter post!
    Your basket of eggs are beautiful.
    We just dye eggs, hide them for the kids to find them, and the kids also wake up on Easter morning to get a surprise basket full of candy left by the “Easter bunny”.

    • Thank you very much, Carol! Yes, the red egg is an important thing here. I remember when I was little, my grandma would paint the red egg and then she would use it to draw a cross on our faces.
      Hinding eggs sounds fun and kids like challenges like that. And as someone who has a huge sweet tooth, I’d be happy to get candy by the Easter bunny. 🙂