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3 Awesome Easter Egg Dyeing Techniques

Here are a few of my favorite Easter egg dyeing techniques. They are very easy and they always work.

I think it’s better to use liquid egg dye for the first two methods, but if you don’t have liquid dye, you can dissolve your dye in a little bit of water.

For the third method, you can use all natural ingredients.

Egg Dyeing Using Cotton

This is my favorite method and the easiest one.

Egg Dyeing Using Shaving Cream

You’ll need white eggs for this technique. Also, keep in mind that the colors may not be too strong. However, I think that these eggs are really beautiful.

Dye Eggs With Natural Ingredients

This is an interesting and safe way to dye Easter eggs with natural ingredients.

Do you dye eggs for Easter? What are your favorite methods?


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  1. Thanks thats really interesting. Easter is usually a binge of chocolate and chocolate easter eggs in New Zealand. I think your egg dying more healthier, prettier and much more interesting.

  2. I prefer that with cotton. And my other option is with onions of onion. After I cool down, I pass them with a woolen cloth and a little bastard. Your post is great and useful for many people.