Why You Should Join Virily

* Use Virily to generate traffic. Since you are able to insert links to your blog post articles, you can use Virily to generate traffic to your blog or website. I have already seen traffic coming from Virily on my WordPress dashboard.

* You can give and receive compliments. You can send compliments to other writers and receive compliments from them.

* Virily has a “Featured” section. If your articles are featured, you will get even more exposure from this site.

* Your writing will be exposed to new audiences of readers.

* You can make some extra cash.

* It’s easy to monetize on Virily. A Facebook group exists to help you get page views on each other’s posts so you can rack up the virils. Other Facebook groups exist as well to help you. The Virily Users Group exists as well to provide support for other Virilyans. However, this group requires you have 10 posts at Virily before they’ll admit you.

Making money on Virily is quick and easy. The moment I logged in for the first time, 4 and a half years ago, I already had 22 Virils. You may wonder how this is possible. Do you remember? I received 10 Virils for becoming a member, 10 for visiting a site, and I had a new follower which earned me 2.

.* Being a Virilyan increases your self-esteem. Within two days I was elevated from the status of a newbie to the status of a rising star.

  • Virily has interesting articles. You might want to use this content as research for your blog posts.
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Why You Should Join Virily

Have you ever been so excited by something you just had to tell the world?

That’s how I feel about the revenue-sharing site Virily.

6 Reasons I’m Glad I Joined Virily and You Should Be Too

I have only just signed on this evening and am ready to burst about my good fortune in finding this site:

  • I made a new connection, another writer who followed me
  • I have a chance to make some holiday-spending money
  • I am having fun
  • I am able to express my creativity.
  • I already sent a compliment! This may have boosted someone else’s self-esteem.
  • I don’t have to worry about SEO while publishing on someone else’s platform.


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Written by Janice Wald

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  1. I have enjoyed it since the first day and it continues like this. It is the first time that I participate in pages of this style and I feel comfortable. Those are good reasons to join Virily.

  2. I also chanced upon your site through google and joined virily because of an article I saw on it.

    Yes, virily is a great site and even though I’m still new, I can see the earning potentials and have already started earning.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for writing to tell me I inspired you to come here and for reading what I wrote. That makes me feel great! Virily has an amazing community. You will enjoy yourself here. The earning potential is icing on the cake. Thanks as well for letting me know how you found my article. I always wonder.

  3. I like the site, but find it addicting. I could spend all day here, but I shouldn’t. Virily is a major distraction I don’t need during the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I won’t make the mistake I made on Niume and Bubblews and neglect my own sites to have more time here. I’m going to treat it more like a social network, since that’s really what it is. Our posts just start the conversations.

    • Barbara, I so agree with you on neglecting your own blog site for niume. This site is addictive and I did the same for months and months, didn’t back-up many of my stories/post with high read #’s, and was my fault to not check in towards the end when they were going belly up. I lost some great post and can’t retrieve them now. Won’t ever do that again. Most of my posts were used in my blog, but some were not appropriate for the content in my blog. My loss, I know.

      • I know many people lost content. However, as I recall, wasn’t Niume content curation? I never put new content there so I wasn’t concerned about the loss. Barbara and I have a friend named Tracey who spent hours, an entire day even, trying to move her content before they folded. Frustrating!

  4. Wow, I read your post and it was like I could feel your excitement because I just got excited too. I have been here for three days and I enjoy it very much and I don’t even think about the money it might bring. There’s a bunch of people that are nice and comforting when others make you sad. There’s always good and bad, but I am focusing on the good things that happen to me on this unique website. =)


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