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Organizing for JuNoWriMo

As long as I take up RaiscaraAvalon’s challenge of this year’s JuNoWriMo I should be able to build up enough karma points to avoid this next Movember guiltlessly.

Besides that an event like JuNoWriMo will do nothing but good for Virily. Regularly updating content – en masse – will help the site index better.

The stream of entertaining reading will make the pages more valuable for advertisers.

Other participants from this site will brag on their own work and this will lead to a larger market share of users.

Of course, all this means so much more work for admin. We just need to remember to be patient with them, as they adjust to the glorious success they will find by winning that particular voice over.

Yeah. Keep an eye on this site, now.

At this stage in the game for me now, is to figure out where my story will terminate and from there, reverse- engineer a timeline for the story.

Start with the last piece of your reverse-timeline.

That is the beginning of your story.


What do you think?


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