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Where's My Money?!

Does anyone know when our Dashboards will update to cover the March period? It is now well into April, so I really thought we would have received the March update by now. By my calculations, I should have finally earned enough virils to cash out by now, but I can’t until my Dashboard catches up, which is really frustrating.  I don’t know  exactly how much I’ve got, cash value, but I am guessing somewhere in the region of around $12.  Every penny counts for me right now as I lost my job at the end of January, so things are really tight for me financially. I write blogs for other sites and do online surveys, which brings in a bit of extra money (over the last month I earned about $70 doing that), and that money is a lifeline to me at present.  If anyone knows when we are next likely to receive any earnings updates here, please comment below.

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Written by Maggie Bailey


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    • It usually takes me about a year tasartcraft. The problem is, there just aren’t enough surveys to earn any quicker – you have to wait for them to appear on the site, and they only come up once or twice a month. Mostly they pay around 3 c per survey, but some of the longer ones pay around $2-3 each. But it’s hit and miss – you never know when they are going to come up. It’s not as if there is a constant supply of surveys waiting there the whole time. Still, even $15 a year is better than nothing, definitely for me in my current circumstances anyway. And as I say, the surveys are quick and easy, so don’t take up too much time and energy.

  1. I know you did tasartcraft – I know the pay is due at end April, but I was hoping the Dashboard would update before then. Since we still only know how much we have earned up till the end of February. Not very satisfactory. Never mind.

    • Yes, I know what you mean about themes for the sites I mention. It’s not easy to come up with articles on relevant subject-matter for them. I check the general worldwide news reports all the time, and I can quite often find something. Like for example, only the other day there was a news report in the UK about a horse rescued after being stuck in mud on a beach, so I have written an article about that for Ofhorse. I also saw something recently about Walmart discriminating against its disabled employees with its latest policies, so I wrote about that for Rolling Without Limits. I guess you just get used to looking out for these things.


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