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Blog of the day: Lost Elite status on Yelp

I have been an Elite user on website Yelp for four years in a row, but going into the fifth year (2020) I lost my elite status. At this very moment I am unsure what the reason is for me losing my Elite status, but since losing it I have reduced the time spent putting together reviews. 

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I have been a Yelp user since 2014; posting 625 business and restaurant reviews along with 14909 pictures. The picture number is insane if you look at the amount that other users have shared which most do not come close to that number. 

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Going forth, I would like to conduct business on Virily the same way I conducted business on Yelp as far as sharing my restaurant and business reviews. Other than a dominant American based exposure on Yelp, at least I get paid on Virily. And besides, it will just introduce other countries to the types of businesses and restaurants we have in Chicago.

Losing my Elite status after so many contributions throughout the years; it feels as though I am not wanted on the website. Situations like this I have to keep reminding myself to not let it affect my emotions because it is a website. Who knows how this website is ran whether it be by human or computer based. I do know damn well that my contributions were worthy enough of maintaining that Elite status.  

In the future, it will be a relief writing on one site and not both Yelp and Virily as I have been these past three years. And it will give me extra content to share with my readers on Virily in the form of food and restaurants as I shared on Yelp.

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My nomination of myself 

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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!


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  1. With some sites, that is to be expected. I was writing for site when I received an email that I have been suspended from writing for the site. The reason I had violated the site’s rules by publishing copyrighted articles which wasn’t true. Funny thing was that I had reached the minimum payout.

  2. Its an alternate way to keep my writing skills fresh in-between semester. I enjoy supporting businesses that I visit regularly, and really could careless about if it pays or not. There are perks, but not much. I have gotten discounts off and free food for reviewing. Other than that, it is actually a great community and if it were not for some of the people I communicate with I probably wouldn’t be there. The site is beneficial because it helps people find businesses they are looking for. Say for example if I were visiting a different city and needed a barbershop that was actually good. I would look on Yelp and find it based off of reviews. I contribute as much as I look for businesses. You can pretty much find what ever you are looking for based off of a good review.

  3. Sorry about losing your status on Yelp. I have a question for you. I used restaurant reviews I gathered online for my private English lessons when I instructed people in the language back in Latvia. I have those reviews saved up and written about the places, the food, and the atmosphere. Do you think I should think about posting them even if I have never been to these restaurants? The information is all there. Just wondering if they could still be useful.


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