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Green Pare ~ 365 Photos Challenge #78

What is the difference between doing a morning jogging alone or with a wife? One of the differences is to stop by the traditional markets or vegetable vendors around housing!

Actually shopping vegetables in traditional markets in the morning is great because we can find all the products that are really fresh and for me, there are other benefits that are to take some photos for this challenge.

If previously I once posted a purple eggplant along with dragon fruit, this time the purple eggplant was accompanied by green pare. What does it say in your language? Bitter melon or momordica, a green bitter, and warty squashlike vegetable or? Have you ever cooked or eaten green pare?

It tastes bitter but if we can cook it properly, the bitter will disappear and only the delicious freshness is left! By the way, green pare also has many benefits such as anti-virus, anti-cancer, lowering blood sugar levels, anti-microbial, wound healing and anti-fungal, lowers blood fat levels, slow blood clotting process, fight obesity, sick, but pregnant and lactating mothers are not advised to consume them.

Guys, if you are interested in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines to join.


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