Changes in Personal Fashion Styles

I noticed 6 fashion personalities: dramatic, natural, gamin, romantic, ingénue, and classic. This fashion personality test is similar to the lifestyle quiz that I did earlier. So, I won’t to another quiz. I will just add extra information for each group.

Dramatic style is for a woman with angular bone structure and facial features. She prefers dark colors as well as lots of dramatic contrasts. She often contours her cheekbones to bring them out more. She also wears lots of angular and asymmetric clothes as well as bold prints, designs, and solid colors in her outfits. Her fashion style includes extreme designs, such as billowy sleeves, ornate fabrics, exotic colors, metallic and shiny colors, and an overall wild outfit.

Natural woman tends to be very casual. She is either athletic or just active. She is more into doing stuff and taking action, rather worrying about her looks, clothes, and makeup. Her wardrobe tends to be very simple, plain, and basic. She also prefers the basic primary colors as her neutrals. She rarely wears jewelry. But if she does, it is usually a watch, or stud earrings and chain necklace as well as maybe even a basic bracelet. She mostly wears flats 99% of the time, but she might consider simple high heel pumps or wedges, if she needs to for a wedding or cocktail party, maybe with skirt and blouse or pants, camisole, and gold belt. Her hair is always low maintenance short hairstyle, but she might perm it or curl it, if she wants to dress up. People see her as a Plain Jane.

Gamin means tomboy in French. She tends to have a short, pixie hairstyle, and tends to resemble Peter Pan or Coco Chanel. Simplicity is the key for this style in clothes, jewelry, and accessories. She wears more makeup as well as she is more stylish the Plain-Jane Natural woman.

Romantic woman is very girly and she loves soft, flowing and loose styles as well as soft fabrics. She also loves florals, ruffles, and white lace. She always has long curly hair, mostly in soft waves.

Ingénue is a cutesy romantic, much younger than the romantic woman. The ingénue tends to overdo it with soft pink colors in clothes, makeup, nail polish, and accessories. She also wears lots of soft floral outfits and maybe even cartoon designs. She prefers soft and comfy fabrics that make her feel pretty. She is even more modest than the romantic woman.

Classic woman is tailored and professional looking, even though she doesn’t work in business. She carries herself well in simple outfits. She dresses like a French woman because she looks chic and elegant.

A young girl is like to group to be an elegant, traditional, and classic woman, if she was a Gamin in her teens and twenties. But a young ingénue girl will likely grow up to be romantic as an adult. While a natural, boring, and ordinary-looking Plain Jane will eventually change into a dramatic woman because she is dying to be noticed by others, especially the opposite sex.

Therefore, people’s styles might change throughout the years, which is likely to be influenced by society, media, fashion industry, lifestyle, a particular location or location changes, and hobbies or activities. During the 70s, I used to dress in casual classics, which are mostly Gamin, even though I was never a tomboy. During my teenage years, I got into some feminine styles, such as ingenue, but moved toward classic outfits. I also added some creative styles and colors to make my outfits fun and give my personal style more personality.

Have you noticed any changes in your style over the years, or were you mostly consistent to one preferred style?


What do you think?


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