When I said hey

You said hey

What if there was more at play

Would you say

Would you tell me anyway?

What if,

What if,

What if I answered

questions honestly

Would you be truthful to me

What if,

What if,

What if rather than fear

You prefer me near

If I ask 

Would you let me in

on how you feel

To me

Would you send it on?

What if,

Love for life 

In sight of love

What if paradise

What if we saw

the light of love

In the eyes

Yours n’ mine

What if,

What if,

What if we made 

our dreams come true

You n’ me

What if we chose

A world outside this world

What if we made a paradise 

inside of paradise

You and I

What if,

What if,

What if work was play

What if melodies n’ rhymes

We clocked our own times

What if every chorus

Written for us 

would never bore us

What if from the soil

All that’s grown was whole 

and then some,

What if,

What if

No stressing no guessing

What if less was more

For times afore

Sunset to sunrise

You and I 

What if we adored

All the more & more

What if?

What if you n’ me

Free to be,

What if…

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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