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Vision Of A Light Absoarbiss

This creation is an interpretation of a synthetic humanoid-like being reminiscent of a human that can absorb light or needs light to live.

Check out the complete time-lapse video that I have made of this project:

This being is constantly absorbing light as if it’s a ritual a fascination of self-pleasure of the need for light, this being is sitting inside a crevice like structure in an interesting pose on top of stones gracefully absorbing light, this “being” has a suit that is the body and is mechanical in nature moreover of an abstract highly detailed biomechanical sense.

I created this creation with my sisters profile portrait as the model for this creation, the only thing that was a photo was the face, I recreated the entire body and legs and background originally.

This is a digital photo manipulated airbrush tool, paintbrush tool and pencil tool painting, the time spent on this creation is over two hundred hours of work within a six month period with breaks throughout.


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Written by Daniel-Loya-III


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