OC Fashion Week 2017: Day 2 at SCP

Monday, September 18, 2017

After I ate my late breakfast, I decided to go on the internet to check on things. When my computer turned on, I noticed that time was 12:12 pm. I hope this is a good sign. By 2 pm, I decided to go to South Coast Plaza, but I took my time getting ready. I arrived at the mall at 4 pm, and I noticed that the 3:30 pm Hermes silk printing session was almost over with the Astrology design on the scarf demo. The 5:30 pm session uses the ocean design in their scarf painting demo. But I watched the whole demo yesterday. I walked around in the mall, and I noticed a Jimmy Choo event on Thursday. I went to the other side of the mall, and I noticed the huge cans and food sculptures for the “feeding the poor” charities all over the world. I decided to take some snapshots. At 5:45 pm, I decided to return home. I still haven’t yesterday’s videos.


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