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Unpredictable ~ 365 Photos Challenge #170

The leaves are cut off from the stem before the time comes. Even the older dried leaves are still hanging there.

The sudden, unpredictable, unexpected, lightning had sent a wind, a strong wind that came unannounced to throw its stem at the sharp corners of the stone, many times until it cut off from the source of life. Who would have thought it would happen? A few minutes ago that leaves were still swaying with joy. But who cares? Our life is more difficult than his sudden death.

The plant mother is unable to complain of loss, after all, she knows, that the beauty of life lies in the mystery, in all the unexpected, in its game, which promises time and opportunity, to aspire, hope, desire, make plans, live in it without even telling who will die after fully yellowing and dry up, or will be eaten by snails at a young age, or instead decaying at the age of his buds.

No one knows how long and how many opportunities are given to playing in the rain or to dance with the wind. Then, besides the plant mothers who are faithful to the laws of nature, and know exactly what to do, who else knows the reason for their existence, how to do it naturally, simply, and enjoy it with gratitude?

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 170.


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