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Total Surender

Sun and daylight cannot be separated

as well as energy and awareness

that’s the game of consciousness

that’s a reality on plains of our existence.


Our consciousness go up and down naturally

Sometimes reach the top of consciousness, pure

often pawing the ground search of fortune

when the earthly grip strongly on the cliff of anxiety.


At the lowest level of awareness

we can be coloring our lives with divinity

by surrender completely

and that’s the only key.


If we find the key, that can open all doors

can raise awareness

makes us so close

very close, attached to the Divine.


Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – Move In.


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  1. Your art always goes hand in hand with your words perfectly.
    The words touched me again. In the roller coaster journey of
    life we all need to find divinity, whatever can bring us peace.
    The title reminds me of a church hymn… We Surrender All.


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