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Surender ~ 365 Photos Challenge #207

It’s been a long time since I heard about your presence from the whisperings of the sages, the mystics, the shamans, and the fakes who borrowed your name.

I have spent so much time waiting for you at home, but no news has ever come.

I’ve send thousands of prays and invitations also to three hundred and sixty degrees of direction and time, but nobody told me about you.

I went to various places of presence, lively and lonely places, friendly or luminous, fun or frightening places, from many rounds of time to fetch you to step on my red carpet… unfortunately, even your shadow was never caught…

If I only knew where you lived, I might left all I have, to come to you and melt into your soles, unfortunately, no one has yet recorded your exact address on my heart diary.

Then, what else can I say, at the end of resignation and total surrender, when all hope has been left out, in the midst of silent just watching your breath giving, suddenly, you cleave apart the curtain of my heart and showed your true face and reality.

– Albert Herdie


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