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The REAL-ity

There is something that is slowly growing and pervading our consciousness. In our hazy and busy existence, maybe we failed to see the changes but IT IS THERE nonetheless. You must have noticed lately how people are now more open to talk about reality and existence (oh well, in case you are so blind, then let me point as example the famous Jim Carrey) — and how even science is slowly acknowledging that there is something out there other than the idea of materialism (yeah, if you miss it, read back those articles that feature latest development in quantum theory). So, what more can I say?

Osho has written an article about the beginning of Kali Yuga and when it is estimated to end. Apparently, in about 70 years – after we experience another upheaval (not necessarily war but maybe something to do with population explosion and natural calamities) – we will move on to an era of well-being and upward movement of human consciousness. In short, we will be smarter species finally  — less arrogant fools most likely. Perhaps, we will gain more and better wisdom by then.

Why am I giving it any thought? Well, if you care to research and investigate on the subject, you will find out similar writings that pointed out to this direction. Adi Da Samraj made similar proclamation that humans will eventually wise up. The same was also mentioned by Edward Cayce.

We are going toward that direction and no one and nothing can change it. Do we really want to endure 70 years before we finally wake up?


What do you think?

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  1. I know I’m certainly done with the shortsighted kali yuga but I think we should start with the next epoch early because I don’t know how much longer we can last…

    • Oh please do not worry Mr. Ledante because I am quite sure that with your talent, your soul will be recycled back to earth once again to provide entertainment and awesomeness to mortals. Hahaha. But let us pray that either Trump or Kim never really drive us to total destruction because you know we will not be released from this realm yet and we might float in part and parcel up in the atmosphere and I hate to imagine that hahaha

      • I am not even worried about those two clowns so much as seventy more years of pollution and unchecked population growth. I don’t know if the planet will take much more. Is the next epoch by any chance ruled by animals?

        • Well, aren’t that a better scenario than being ruled by more clowns? At least, animals don’t go to war and are said to have better consciousness than humans. Lol! Yes, the pollution and the population are real concerns — both can be addressed if only the current education system is overhauled. You know like make the curriculum more human-friendly and infused with humanity and values rather than competitiveness and factory-like brainwashing system.

          • I meant that humanity would become extinct, so in that context it wouldn’t be preferable to being ruled by clowns. And if we start overhauling the system now, seventy years is a realistic timeline for real change…

          • Oh I have to agree with your last comment. Yes, 70 years is a realistic time to achieve it IF we start today. There are few schools in some parts of the world that are doing an alternative kind of teaching. Let us hope it catches up like a wildfire. And now, I see I run out of reply option so maybe Virily is trying to tell me to zip up. Lol! Humanity will not go extinct — with our immaturity, we still have to exist here. Unfortunately. I think, we will still be alive – in another costume – when the change happens.

  2. Sharing (or throwing) this kind of feed always appeals to me, I do not know about the others. The shift of collective consciousness has its own way, while throughout all ages there is always a person who finds enlightenment. But if we look, in recent times, more and more people are hoping for that great transformation.

    • As a matter of principle, I write for myself first before – if, at all – I consider if people will read my work or not. I merely share it – not for me to decide if worth reading or not. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I take that to mean it is the beholder’s problem and not mine hahaha. But you will be surprised to know that I get reads from both the old and the young – and even from atheists (in agreeing tone). I do not force my own beliefs to other people. I am only voicing out what is on my mind. ? Maturity-wise, people these days are much more open than in the ancient past. The current of tides is changing. It is in the air. ?

      • Strongly agree! That’s the right principle! In discovering Love and its beauty, we need to read it from anyone and anything. From us, let the impulse flow into all the places that may pass, maybe even to settle there. Let’s flow. Wfff…

        • If we see and feel love for anyone and everything then reality is not too far out of reach…but loving with all abandon is a constant challenge as we have been oriented not to be vulnerable and to be always on guard against the “others”. Decades of brainwashing will take long to obliterate — although as Adi Da said: “What you do not use becomes obsolete.”

          • With your perspective, reality does not even need to be reached. Hehehe… Adi Da is right, Anything that has ever visited or settled in the brain will remain stored, even though it may be at the bottom of the pile.

          • Perspective is mind and as you happily pointed out in your article logos is not the Divine. So hey, I want to get there! I really wish this is my last trip in this realm you know. I hope my soul will remember to stay at zero when I die so I would not be duped again to come back here hahahaha

  3. I always wonder, given the extent of our knowledge that we still struggle with the greater vision. The problem I suspect can be traced as much to our own fear as anything.

    Wonderful poem oh great poetic pixie!

  4. I’m hope not!!-that we wait 70 years. I think when you go so far to one side where everything that is wrong is right and everything right is wrong, when police are criminals and criminals are victims-maybe that’s when we start realizing how much of the human brain is not being used, replaced by the chip in a cell phone. Great post and great pix

    • I do not know for certain if Osho’s computation is accurate but I did read Edward Cayce’s article in which he said that the Earth will go on a self-rightening process but whether it would be a painful or not will rest on the attitude of the humans toward change. The world has been ego-centered and much more so these days — only a few see that pattern nonetheless. Thank you for dropping by and thank you for the free downloadable pictures on the internet hahaha. I am no Steve Linebaugh. I do not have photography skill so I borrow from the works of the masters to add pizzazz to my work. Lol!