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Are we a thread of reality? Or are we just a figment of imagination? Who knows, really? What if we are just collectively dreaming and that the life in this realm is something we should wake up from? If you can sense me by way of seeing, hearing and feeling, then I must be real, isn’t it so? That is how science materialism oriented our mind. We think, therefore, we are. Cogito ergo sum. According to Rene Descartes, the act of doubting one’s own existence served as proof of the reality of one’s own mind because there must be a thinking entity for there to be thought.

Maybe he is right. But try closing your eyes and stopping the flow of thought in your mind. Without the light getting in your eyes and with total silence, there seems to be no “I” or “you”. There is just quiet and infinite space there – have you noticed?

I will leave that thought for you to decide. But life is just life. Let us learn to breathe and smell the flowers. Fretting ourselves to death would not make things happen. Let go and let life flows.

“You cannot become happy; you can only be happy” – ADI DA SAMRAJ


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Written by HarpingByAPixie

Entrepreneur by day; dreamer by sundown


  1. I must say, that I love this poem. I have found purpose through my writing. It is my life mission to share my wisdom and knowledge with others. I am a very spiritual person and I believe that all artists are living their life purpose when they shared their art.

  2. A depth evocative contemplation like after watching the Matrix. Raising thoughts about our mind, our Prime Minister. Also, another important contemplation of the general “impression” (or any term) that death is the end of everything or vice versa is so important that life today is becoming less meaningful. Or… that the present life is merely a hard work obligation as a saving for the death to be tomorrow. Ahh… so many things we can say about Harping’s idea this time.

    • Indeed, I was thinking of Keanu Reeves while penning this poem. He makes a good muse, I must say. Hahaha! Present life as hardwork obligation was something ingrained to us by the religion in order to discourage people from revolting. You have to suffer because those who suffer in the here and now will be rewarded in the afterlife. Religion and politics are in cohort with each other all along. The poem is expressive of my thoughts as, again, I was new in the path when I wrote it. But I was a fan of What Dreams May Come, Matrix, Lucy and I forgot that Matt Damon’s movie about collective dreaming. I like to watch movies that make me think about life.

      • It is the fact that we humans are immature yet, and age cannot be related to maturity, and that is how most doctrines have treated us, as children with paradigms; carrots and sticks.
        Which Matt Damon’s movie do you mean?

        • Exactly – as children being ruled and coerced by fear. I do not remember the title but I think it was a Matt Damon’s movie. He made a deal with an evil person in order to save his wife – and he goes on collective dreaming with other people to work on something. It was long time ago that I cannot remember much of the story. Only that part about collective dreaming got stuck in my mind. It is a sort of sci-fi laced with spiritual nuances about reality and existence.