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One Day

All we need to do is to hang in there, breathe and trust the journey…and ONE DAY it will come. Truly, time dims to oblivion many hurt we feel, one time or another. And there will be a day, we suddenly wake up, shake our heads and realize the pain was for nothing. All we will ever remember was the lesson learned – but that sharp stab and the twinge in our heart no longer exist. It was like something that happened lifetimes away.

I hope you will enjoy reading this poem. And if you are hurting right now, rest assured that it will pass. Nothing stays the same…nothing is permanent. Everything moves and flows. Whatever circumstance you have right now, remember it is a test meant for you to grow beautifully as human and spiritual being.

Live. Laugh. Love. Life is short. Be happy. Be light at heart.


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Written by HarpingByAPixie

Entrepreneur by day; dreamer by sundown


    • The pain doesn’t go away because we hold on to them when we should have released them, returned them back with gratitude to the Divine. Sometimes, we are suffering from guilt because there were things we should have said or done so that guilt is causing us pain. But we cannot undone what is done. It is best to let go. Letting go does not mean forgetting or stop loving. Letting go is just releasing that beloved because we do not own them after all. They belong to God. And hence, must be surrendered back to God with gratitude for the time we were allowed to enjoy with them. I hope I make sense.

    • Just hang on and find every day a reason to smile. Do not give up on love for life, for humans, for everything. Because, as they say, love is what makes the world go round. Thank you for dropping by.