Sweet Paradox

Paradox…contradictions – angel and demon, fire and ice, high and low. Everything but nothing. A life of paradox is all but monotony. Read on.


What do you think?


Written by HarpingByAPixie

Entrepreneur by day; dreamer by sundown


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    • Is that so? Now that is a better way of looking at it. I mostly thought people should avoid paradox. Hahaha! That is not self-deprecation humor. That is 100% shenanigans. I have a feeling I have a “wicked” child soul in my old body – may had been a monk in some lifetime but most likely expelled from the monastery due to mischief and still remain unrepentant in this lifetime. I wonder how many times more I will be recycled back for me to learn my lessons so I can go back to the Source. Lol!

        • Didn’t I say I like travelling by train? I never hurry up in life. I have that kind of grit. I will know when the time is ripe for me to know. Meantime, let us strive to stay at zero. But with a curious soul, staying at zero is a challenge. Just the same everytime I sit down to meditate I relinquish to silence – at least try to.

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