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Every time humans set their mind into achieving something, almost always, they make it happen. Flying in the space. Landing in moon. Connecting people across the globe. Navigating the deep sea. Yet, to this day, all we have are theories about the origin of man. Oh, please, save the arguments. You read it. I read it. Does science has hard-proof evidence except for logic? I mean, you can tell me exactly who are your parents, present a birth certificate, family pictures, the whole lineage of your family history. But the origin of mankind? Turn to the bible and take it as gospel truth? Maybe another day. Not just today.

Life and living is about surrendering to the Divine – accepting that life is just meant to be lived as embodiment of love – as, let me borrow Shams Tabriz’s term, delegate of God in this realm. Hence, if you are seeking the light, do not go far – for the light is in there inside us.

Light and love. Hope you enjoy the poem.


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Written by HarpingByAPixie

Entrepreneur by day; dreamer by sundown


    • I agree. Living is more important than anything else. But many people only exist and forget to live because their eyes are focused on the future. I mean, when does one starts living? At 65? Oh please!

        • I guess I was in the path all along but merely as gatherer. Not really inclined to investigate. Then I met someone who kinda pushed me into it sometime in April 2016. I took to it initially as a way to amuse another human (pardon, but I am an irreverent altho a curious soul). However, by self-observation, I noticed I was changing inside and started to investigate and read. When one goes to seek for it, a lot of help comes your way. But deeper consideration (of the Adidam way) only started this January. I am only a student but I believe I am maturing in the way. Still I heed the Teacher’s advice not to hurry but to take time in studying and considering – more and more, I am learning heart-intelligence altho my patterning habit could still lead me to lean on my brain.

          • I am sure that everyone who digs himself has their own time. To be sure, only a handful of people are interested in this, and the interested must be the old soul who has certain affairs and missions with his life this time.

          • Must be the souls who wanted to go “home” in an urgent fashion haha. One does not need many lifetimes to realize how futile the cycle of birth and death is. However, taking the business seriously is a real challenge and is not suitable for the fainthearted. I think you already said have a good weekend. That to me is a signal for closing the conversation. But, alas! Geminis always have to say one last thing hahaha i’m kidding