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Stay On Zero

“Death is not liberating. Death is a cycle in the realm of conditional Nature. If you are living by tendency while alive, you will also live by tendency after death, moving into the standard transition and back again. You repeat that cycle again and again and again without any insight, essentially repeating the same life over and over again and the same basic destiny determined by your tendencies–becoming associated with the same kinds of qualities, the same kinds of people, the same kind of drama, the same kind of script with your intimates, the same kinds of interests in the pleasures of the world, everything basically the same, experiencing a certain level of agony that comes naturally when you are trapped in a fixed condition, but never experiencing that agony or dilemma to the point of a crisis in consciousness that breaks out of the pattern.

Spiritual life is not (in and of itself) about being able to experience many different levels of possibility–either in this world or beyond it. It is about Realizing the right position in the midst of experience, so that you can pass beyond the fixed impositions of experience which are determined by the focus of attention in certain functional levels. You can pass through the Spiritual process in this world without necessarily having any dramatic psychic experiences of other planes. You may (perhaps) have occasional glimpses of other planes, but the import of Spiritual life is not how many psychic visions you can experience. The disposition you Realize in the gross plane enables you to transcend not only the lower imposition of the gross plane, but also the impositions of the subtler planes.” ~ ADI DA SAMRAJ, THE WORLD TEACHER, EASY DEATH – STAY ON THE ZERO  ~


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    • And by people in westernized countries, I agree. Nothingness is dissolution of the ego and the western world preaches about individuality and uniqueness centered on I, me and myself. Hence, it is not surprising that freedom and love thru nothingness and non-attachment do not sit well with many. But, if viewed as it is, not desiring anything is actually complete freedom; loving without attachment is loving without bondage. In the material world, everything is about “deals” — i will love you if you love me back; and creation of dissatisfaction (“you are not enough” mentality)

        • In many cases that applies…in my case, it has been a gradual process but slowly I am learning — without losing everything. It was like someone just came into my life, turned my world upside down but after that i seem to get healed of old wounds and learned to be more open, almost lost restlessness and learned how to be more expressive of my emotions (more human, if you please)