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As Soon As I’m Born, I’m Dying.

As soon as I’m Born, I’m Dying

After everything that is offered by the world

no longer can heal longs

when everything which is delivered

not interesting anymore to be heard

all I have is longing

that unanswered by the passion of romance

unstoppable by all the luxuries

not making a look over the offer of power

or flattery in the name of popularity.


After all that is offered by the world

no longer able to tame the longing

I realized that what I want to hold tightly is affection

what I miss is a flame

my own soul which is united with all light

the light that is only there at home

live of my own life

what I forgot since came out after amniotic water

That made me die, as soon as I was born.

*O Light,

I just want to go home


Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of my Long Journey Series – Home.


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  1. Yes, great post. (I’m revisiting) … Your cover photo on your profile is also very cool work.
    One can’t help but appreciate your writing. Cheers!
    “And when I die, I won’t stay dead” Bob Kaufman
    For some reason I just had this pop back into my head …
    There is a trailer (probably you know) –

  2. Each day we wake is a day closer to the day we don’t.
    None can comprehend how alone each really is,
    most do not try.
    I can think of no better way to spend the remaining days than burning brightly in the darkness of humanity.

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