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The Soul In Ripple

If I’m right, are you wrong?

If you are right, am I wrong?

If we are right, are they wrong?

If they are right, are we wrong?

If we all are wrong, who is right?

If we all are right, who is wrong?

Or is it all wrong?

I’m not sure!

or is everything right?

Who knows.

Or there is the truth behind the wrong

or there is seems wrong on the other side of truth?

I’m just a loser if I ignore it

but when I answer all those questions

with belief and knowledge

my lending stuff

I found that I was just a lump of ego arrogant

stupid and blind but bogus!

Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – The Soul in Ripple.


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  1. The prose rippled as the image, Albert, no one is s all wrong or all right as you indirectly appear to indicate, we are ripples of right and wrong going out from the individual to close social network then through society. Good work again. LOL as the comments discussed filters I thought of how we as societies filter our right and wrong creating our own societal ripples in multi hues. Again good work Albert.

    • Thank you for your point of view, Pamela. Physically and mentally, indeed we are always difficult to know what’s right and wrong. About fact, I feel that even facts have levels of wisdom. The fact that we see stars blinking tonight, but is it true that the blink of the star we see tonight is the flicker of the moment?

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