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Old Bridge For Ever

Denying myself

married with courage

takedown the stance

releasing knowledge

take off the cover


Be aware of the noise loophole

clean my mind empty

entering a silent pathway

drowned in emptiness

aligning with high vibration

into the light of life.

Experiencing an explosion of intelligence

united with the tree of life

see its roots deep in the realm of love

aware of the substance of immortality

the trunk straight up in the peaceful nature

its green leaves are an illusion of matter.

Albert Herdieย  โ€“ Digital painting from part of Theย Land of Confusion Series โ€“ Old Bridge For Ever.

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  1. This must have been written during the time of being with my Dad. It is like your others, such a powerful message. I especially like these words.. “clean my mind empty…entering a silent pathway”

    I still work on doing just that, clearing my mind of all the chaos and confusion in order to get to the peace I strive for.



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