Sketchapalooza – the Almagest

I swear I posted this last week and nobody commented on it but when I looked for it today it was nowhere to be found. Fine, I’ll repost but where are the graphics I scanned in? Nowhere! I thought “Maybe I’ve already gone crazy…” (turns out I never submitted the draft)

Anyway, when I was rescuing all those books from my parent’s house I found one of my old math notebooks that I’m always talking about and I thought it would be a nice treat for you all. Hopefully this time you get to see it and I am not delusional again


What do you think?

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  1. After being subjected to so much alt right conspiracy drivel on Virily today, a Panda with hat protest and some arms that aren’t with the NRA is refreshing. Tommorrow I will probably read that George Soros is behind P-Chan, but I know it’s really a Hat Cartel.

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