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Pandas shouldn’t wear hats

Not that I am trying to oppress pandas, just that I don’t think they’d appreciate it much. I know this will be the year of the dog, and I love dogs but I don’t really have any art with dogs in it so this is what you get…

I expect this will prove to be an unpopular stance, but I firmly believe that pandas should not wear hats

#1 gong xi fa cai

Just a little promotional piece that I'll be releasing on new year's day. It's fun and I hope everyone enjoys it but I know someone is going to have to make a year of the panda joke

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#2 rough sketch

I think the eyes are better in this one, but otherwise you can see how the value study influenced the final version

#3 raw image

and this is what it looked like before I did all the postwork


What do you think?

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  1. Well, this kind of hat would not suit Panda’s head shape anyway so maybe you are right in one sense. What prevented you from editing it if you so feel that way? ??? Kung hei fat choi! ?

  2. I know artist has their taste on their art they express. They have the reason why they are such art. For us who are non artist, we are only appreciator of the art. We may vary us from our opinion. In my case, I love seeing panda wearing a hat. It looks dignified and well respected, but funny. That’s my point of you as far as art is concerned. In reality, pandas never wear hat, of course.

  3. As much as I love panda bears, I agree with you, they should never wear a hat. Your rendering of the panda stance, playfulness and gentle soul is amazing. Very well executed artwork.

  4. Ok, so the images you’ve shared are amazing. Seeing how the work progressed is really cool! As for Panda’s and hats, I could not agree more with you. You’ve uncovered a problem that must be addressed! 😉