Big Trouble in Sketchapalooza

I stumbled upon an old sketchbook I had from my last trip to Taiwan, and found a bunch of studies I did at the National Palace Museum. I saw them and thought “Hey, these would make a great installment for Sketchapalooza…”

#1 Zhou Gong

Also known as the Duke of Zhou, he was credited for creating the I Ching (better known to the western world as the Book of Changes) and was the hero of my next subject...

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#2 Kongzi

This is my study of Ju Ming's sculpture of Kongzi, better known to foreign ghosts as Confucius

While my sketch cannot contain the majesty of the original, this may be the only chance you have to witness his work, unless you are fortunate enough to see it for yourself. Don't be fooled by photographs- if you didn't see the real thing then you didn't see it at all

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#3 Lao Tzu

Another study from one of Ju Ming's series of the eight most influential people in history, this is his tribute to Lao Tsu, father of the way. Here he is depicted on his journey to Tibet, after he composed the Tao Te Ching for Yin Xi

Here I show my respect for the deep insight of Lao Tsu, who teaches us that surrender is the path to victory. How true is the Tao!

Stand before it - there is no beginning

Follow it and there is no end

Stay with the Tao, Move with the present

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#4 random sketches

As you would expect, the palace museum has an excellent collection of sculpture. Here I have studies of horses from the Tang and Song dynasties and also a detail of a mountain from a scroll

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#5 stones of Yeh Liu

A study from life of a rock formation at the Yeh Liu beach. Evidently, erosion works differently in Asia... 

I suppose they must have an older, more elegant form of physics there. This is hardly surprising, since they seem to have an older and more elegant version of practically everything else. It must be the benefit of a five thousand year old culture. Europeans have no idea what they are missing

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