Sketchapalooza: Year of the Doodle

Of course, doodles are not a part of the Chinese Zodiac but I wanted my title to reference the lunar new year. I really wanted to showcase my Book of the New Sun related sketches but that will have to wait for a future installment. But that is definitely something to look forward to!

Meanwhile, content yourself with these omake and a figure study

#1 Dreamguard roughs

Some other views of the dreamguard. I still need to do the nightmare version of this piece, like I promised you back around xmas. No, I didn't forget- just have many other priorities

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#2 value study for

Alternate pose for Tien Mu. This one has more of a Legend of the Kage vibe and even though I like it, the Big Trouble in Little China solution was better so that was where I ultimately went...

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#3 underpainting for the elementalist

Some of you may remember my elementalist... I am going to do a release version of her some day and this is the underpainting which is waiting patiently for me to finish

#4 POC for Grimtooth Shatterskull

This is a watercolor study for Grimtooth, the champion of Princess Cynessa. He looks a little too beefy right now, in my mind he is leaner and meaner... But I really like the technique

#5 figure study

Live drawing is an essential part of training for figure artists. Here I've only indicated the light areas and all the dark areas become lost edges but their aggregate weight still indicate a perimeter line

I learned this sorta thing playing go; implied connection...

  1. Once Alex I did draw the female body. I had heard that if you can draw that, then you can draw. But when I went to the library they only had female images. So i did and I got compliments on them.

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