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This month’s Sketchapalooza is mostly pages from my Laputa notebook, although I stuck in another sketch from roughly the same timeline… These are all really old pieces, circa 1990-something so I don’t quite remember what the hell I was thinking at the time

At any rate, I hope you enjoy this blast from the past

#1 work in progress

If memory serves, I wanted to paint this in the style of Alma-Tadema. Looks like I never got to the wardrobe stage of this piece, most likely because her pose wasn't resolved...

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#2 laputa cross section

It looks like I could've used some graph paper here. I have designed several different tiers, each with their own function

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#3 balcony study

just some more studies of the castle in the sky- thumbnail and rough sketch

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#4 the gang’s all here

If memory serves, this was going to be a watercolor and gouache piece. Probably would've used color pencils as well. I see that P-chan is in the house!

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