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My lineup for the Day of the Dead Exhibit: San Juan Capistrano

Last year I participated in this show, and am excited to be invited back this year. It seems like the only shows I do anymore are Dia de los Muertos themed… Just as well, as I am trying to focus on my illustration career

At any rate, the show will be at the San Juan Capistrano Library from 10/1/18 to 11/28/18 and the opening is on 11/3/18

#1 Fatal Promise – giclee print

this one is just sinister

10 points
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#2 Mictlantecuhtli – giclee print

She is the Aztec goddess of the Underworld

8 points

#3 Renacimiento – giclee print

Why am I using the Italian word for rebirth for a painting about a Latin American celebration?

8 points
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#4 Quetzalcoatl

This is a bender of the feathered serpent, and she's sitting on a statue of herself. How recursive!

7 points

#5 La Pared de Calaveras – giclee print

I had an idea for this and then lost it

7 points

#6 Puesta de Sol – giclee print

this one is mostly about light blooms, but we should understand that it is metaphorical...

6 points

What do you think?

9 points


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