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Dia de los Muertos exhibit at the San Juan Capistrano Library

I told you that I was doing some Dia de los Muertos shows this month, this is the exhibit at the San Juan Capistrano Library. It will be running until almost the end of November, but I don’t think any of you are from southern California…

#1 memento

Me doing the Memento shot with my art

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#2 some more of the art

Did you figure out what was missing yet? Can you guess what happened?

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#3 also memento

Doing it again. Now, some of you who haven't seem Memento yet will be asking "what the hell is he doing?"

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#4 source material

this is the pose that I do whenever someone wants to take my picture with my work

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#5 some of the art

So if I were Kim or Alibb then I'd turn this into a game and ask you to find out what is missing in this post

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What do you think?

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