Jardin de Rosas – giclee print

This piece may actually be looser than Impasto Mori, depending on your basis for comparison I suppose. Not familiar with an objective metric for impressionist styles but if one doesn’t exist it should be possible to devise one. Would it be worth the effort? Who would even use it?

At any rate, I should warn you that there is only one more Dia de los Muertos piece in my 2017 run and then that’s it. No mas…

#1 release version

Another quick and dirty piece, which really works for the garden- the roses are barely indicated by abstract light shapes that pop out of some dark values which somehow read as petals

She has this upper sleeve tattoo of thorns wrapped around her arm which looked nice in the rough sketch but didn't work as well here. Actually, the entire composition is a little dodgy if you ask me...

#2 rough sketch

This seemed like a good time to do an ink wash. The more I think about it, the more I wish that I'd stuck with this pose and just angled her eyes up more. Oh well...

What do you think?

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