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Día de los Muertos: Remember Me

Here is a retrospective of my show at the Ontario Museum of History & Art, which did quite well. They’re a really nice museum, and the staff do an outstanding job. They even sent me a thank you card for participating, which just blew me away…

#1 renacimeinto

Everyone's favorite piece

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#2 caryatid and nunca mas

you should remember these two...

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#3 artist with work

By the way, this show is closing today, which means that I have to go pick up the art and won't be doing any replies or such today. Tomorrow will be fun for me...

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  1. Wow, a show at the Ontario Museum of History and Art…but then I checked out the location and it is in California and not in Ontario Canada. Oops, I guess I would not have been able to go and check up your art display. Too bad. I was almost thinking you were Canadian like me. Sorry about my ignorance again. But you have great talent and you are certainly worthy of a show.

    • While I’ve never met a Canadian I didn’t like, I couldn’t deal with the weather. Believe me, I seriously considered moving to the great white north about two years ago…

      • Oh come on Alex, a little bit of cold never killed anybody except if you stay in it way too long and you are not bundled up. As of now, I reside in the Outaouais valley which is south of Ontario and Quebec. The winters can be very cold and snowy here but the summer are getting murderous for me. I am seriously considering moving up north maybe in Labrador or Northern Quebec where the winters can be murderously cold but at least the summers are tolerable. But the great white North is also very enticing but where could an old woman like me establish herself way up there? Anyway… thank you for your reply and I hope you do not think me overbearing or contemptuous or too talkative…