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My Last 10 Snapshots

Friday, September 29, 2017

I worked on drawing a page for my graphic novel all day. All of the sudden, I noticed the time was 6 pm, and I remember I am on-call for jury duty for the next five days. So, I called the number, and my group needs to call on Monday at noon. I hope I don’t need to go in on Monday because I have an appointment for the Association to fix things at 1 pm. I hope it isn’t going to be a mess, or I have to call the Association to change the appointment. I turned on the computer for a break, and I checked on different sites.

I decided to do another post, which is actually Kim Johnson’s chain-blog about the last ten snapshots that I recently took. In September, I checked out the OC Fashion Week at two malls as well as the Global Village Festival. I did some videos, as well as taking some snapshots. So, I will pick 10 pictures that I took in September to summarize my September 2017 experience.

My September 2017 adventure was mostly about fashion, art, charities, causes, and sampling different food.  I also bought some souvenirs for fun.

#3 St. John Boutique Event at South Coast Plaza

I also checked out the St. John event because I have many St. John items from their annual campout sale, which was usually held one day after Thanksgiving Day. They stopping doing the annual campout sale, but I used to have fun checking it out. I used to meet my mother and her friends there, during the late 90s, and I even did a case study analysis on the St. John financial statement for my exec. MBA class.

#4 OC Fashion Week–South Coast Plaza

I took some surreal mannequin snapshots during OC Fashion Week. This photo was from the Nordstrom window display. I submitted it for a photography contest at Canon Experience Center meetup group for fun on September 27th. They probably think it is too busy, but I don't care. This is my thing. I have been into surreal mannequin photography since the 90s, and I think it looks like modern art. 


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