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My Last 10 Snapshots

Friday, September 29, 2017

I worked on drawing a page for my graphic novel all day. All of the sudden, I noticed the time was 6 pm, and I remember I am on-call for jury duty for the next five days. So, I called the number, and my group needs to call on Monday at noon. I hope I don’t need to go in on Monday because I have an appointment for the Association to fix things at 1 pm. I hope it isn’t going to be a mess, or I have to call the Association to change the appointment. I turned on the computer for a break, and I checked on different sites.

I decided to do another post, which is actually Kim Johnson’s chain-blog about the last ten snapshots that I recently took. In September, I checked out the OC Fashion Week at two malls as well as the Global Village Festival. I did some videos, as well as taking some snapshots. So, I will pick 10 pictures that I took in September to summarize my September 2017 experience.

My September 2017 adventure was mostly about fashion, art, charities, causes, and sampling different food.  I also bought some souvenirs for fun.

#3 St. John Boutique Event at South Coast Plaza

I also checked out the St. John event because I have many St. John items from their annual campout sale, which was usually held one day after Thanksgiving Day. They stopping doing the annual campout sale, but I used to have fun checking it out. I used to meet my mother and her friends there, during the late 90s, and I even did a case study analysis on the St. John financial statement for my exec. MBA class.

#4 OC Fashion Week–South Coast Plaza

I took some surreal mannequin snapshots during OC Fashion Week. This photo was from the Nordstrom window display. I submitted it for a photography contest at Canon Experience Center meetup group for fun on September 27th. They probably think it is too busy, but I don't care. This is my thing. I have been into surreal mannequin photography since the 90s, and I think it looks like modern art. 


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  1. Oh wow, what an adventure. I loved the photos, my favorite was the one you submitted, it’s a perfect blend of reflection and mannequins. Loved your outfit, so cute! The glass dragon is fabulous, if you get tired of it you can send it to me. lol The exhibits were really cool, loved the charity one. Thanks for joining in, see this was fun!

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