Cultural Fusion 2017 Artist Party

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I woke up at around 11 am, and I worked on my graphic novel. By 3 pm, I decided to leave to the art gallery reception because I also needed to go to the ATM. When I went to my bank, I noticed that there was a new ATM, and I wasn’t sure how to use it so one of the clerks came out to show me what to do. I noticed that I had originally put in my card the other way, and the machine wasn’t reading my ATM card.  I withdrew $20, before going to Campus Gas to fill my car with gasoline. Today, the unleaded gas here is 2.779/gallon. Then, I drove to Showcase Gallery, where I did two videos of the artworks on display, inside Showcase Gallery and the adjacent Bear Street Gallery. When everyone started to arrive— which included a two-man jazz band, I did a third video as well as taking some snapshots because there were other items being added last minute.

I sat on the chair, checking out one of the three videos, and I accidentally shut my iPhone on the exact time of 4:44 pm, before looking down on the floor to notice a dime.

Since today’s art reception is called Cultural Fusion, the snack table had food from different cultures—Dolma, Hummus, pita bread, veggies, fruits, cheese and crackers, pastries with cheese filling, samosas, and potato/mushroom quiche.  I decided to sample the Secco Strawberry/Raspberry specialty wine from Germany, which is called Rossini.  I think it is from Trader Joes because I already bought the Peach flavor—Bellini, as well as another flavor, I think Mangocini.  It was good. If I drank the whole bottle, then I could have easily gotten drunk.  It is sweet and it doesn’t taste like liquor. By 7 pm, I drove home, under light sky. I love long days. It doesn’t get dark until around 8:30 pm. I need to upload 3 videos, as well as add snapshots to two videos.

At around 7:30 pm, I looked out of my slide door and noticed a cute brown bunny hopping around in my backyard area—but I, unfortunately, I couldn’t take a snapshot because my iPhone was uploading videos to my computer. I hope the cute bunny steals some bird seeds, like the squirrel, because the bird seeds are for all the wildlife—birds, squirrels, and rabbits.


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