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Go Let's Go! – WIP

This may be the most dynamic piece I’ve ever done. Heavily inspired by the turnaround at the end of Speed Racer’s opening credits. Unless I am doing mannequins or zombies, my characters shouldn’t be stiff, but that having been said, they almost never look this dynamic…

#1 cosmic

here she looks like a minor henchman from the MCU. you just know they heroes trying to chase her down are gonna end up saying "Sorry Cap, we lost her..."

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#2 placeholder

this one looks like she's about to smack headfirst into the wall. watch where you're going, you daffy broad!

8 points

#3 pen and ink

a bit too heavy for my taste

8 points

#4 raw

even this version, which is the most static of the bunch still implies a good deal of velocity

6 points

#5 particle

the particle effects really do help, though

6 points

#6 smoky

she's booking at like 75mph here. I don't even drive that fast

6 points

What do you think?

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