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Survivor Poll

Would you kindly vote on your favorite treatment for the ace pilot? She’s the only surviving member of her original squad and she’s feeling down so let’s help cheer her up with a nice look, shall we?

  • which treatment do you prefer?

    • raw
    • grungetastic
    • holens
    • lomo
  • which title sounds best?

    • Survivor Syndrome
    • Survivor Guilt
    • the possessive version of one of the above
  • do you like the crate she’s sitting on?

    • Yes
    • No
  • should I give her a bench?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

12 points


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  1. Raw or lomo for me … I tend to prefer the “cooler” versions …

    I would not want to give her a “down” word but I’d thing words like “revenge” works for her cool look … :p
    But that’s just me

  2. I am afraid I missed the precursors of this survivor. But I like the light colored, or rather grungestastic version. The others are too dark and you cannot see her sorrow and guilt enough. As for survivor guilt vs syndrome, I rather like guilt more as I have never heard of a survivor syndrome unless you mean maybe PTSD. I also see her very well sitting on the crate which is probably the container of some warfare material rather than a simple bench.

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