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The Art of Power and Clouds

There’s been road construction around me for a couple of years now. That’s been really fun with the trucks, the bulldozers, and al the other noisy machinery. It started with the demolitions. They tore down houses and a couple of small businesses. Then they buried all kinds of pipes and cables. The roosters I used to hear all the time are gone. The people who had a small herd of goats along with a plot of corn and squash are gone. And then came the new power lines on really tall poles. Where I used to look at the sky there are now the power lines. So I decided to make some art (or artsy) photographs with these power lines because they are ready made lines just waiting to be framed into some sky art.

There is another series of birds hanging around on this horizontal insulators around sunset in different configurations shot with a little more zoom. Maybe I’ll share those one day.


What do you think?

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    • Wow, a really strange thing just happened. When I came to the post there was no picture here.
      I was here a long time thinking about the radio program I was listening to and suddenly the picture came back. It hasn’t been here for a really long time. Wow.

  1. Well this is one positive and creative way of seeing things. I learned a lesson or two. Heheh.

    On one note, you could photoshop one of these and make it five lines and put the birds in. Heheh

    • Thanks Gina … I keep thinking about those poor trees being turned into monstrous monuments of antiquated power grids that are so unnecessary
      Cheers πŸ™‚
      ((( sure is nice out today ))))

    • Well it is electricity after all – there is a positive and a negative. (ha, ha, ha) Thanks. You’ll probably see them again in my sunset pics, etc….