Today’s Theme is UltraViolet

Thursday, 1.25.18, 3:33 pm

This idea was conceived yesterday, during a trail of signs that I received.

I went to the gym around 10:30 am. As I walking through the mall, a cute little bird got my attention for some reason because I thought I heard something or someone calling me. I looked around, but I was a little startled when I saw the sweet bird. I kept walking and entered the gym, where I warmed up in the sauna before going to yoga. At the end of the yoga class, as I was lying in corpse pose with my eyes shut, I sudden saw a very intense, bright and deep royal blue color, which kind of reminded me of ultraviolet glow-in-the-dark color. I walked out of the gym, and as I opened the gym door to leave, I noticed a small dark feather on the ground. I picked it up, figuring it must be a sign, or a trail of signs. I window-shopped, checking items inside Buckle boutique. They are expensive, even the one on sale, although the one on sale was XL.  I walked to my car and drove home, where I noticed a worker was waiting by my townhouse to fix the leaking roof. After I entered my house, he climbed on roof to fix the recent leak over the fireplace. I entered, ate my lunch, and worked on my graphic novel. I wasn’t able to sharpen my metallic violet Artist Loft pencil, and my manual metal sharpener, which is usually perfect, kept eating up most of the pencil because the colored piece was always broken. I don’t know why. The tip kept breaking until now the colored pencil is very small and still not sharpened. So, I took it as a sign to use the regular violet pencil, which is Berol. The Artists Loft colored pencils are moist. They are more like Faber Castell, which gives off a soft color.

As I meditated with silence and patience, I received this message: You have full energy, and you can be productive. Something is growing and becoming bigger. Meditate and look into intuition. Accept everything will happen when it will happen. Use your mind and creativity as you work on your project.

I worked on a page all night, and then I got up for a break at 1:11 Thursday morning. When I noticed the time, I decided to go to bed. I woke up 10:30 am and decided to make vegan waffle and some maple syrup, topped with chopped banana pieces. It was quite tasty like a dessert, better than the conventional version that I was taught to eat as a kid. When I was making a glass of Affogato Al Caffe, I noticed the time was 11:11 am. Then, I decided to check my bills, and noticed that amounts are increasing. There were also some tips to save energy, which could also lower bill amounts. After mailing my bills, I returned home and I felt like drinking hot cocoa because it was cold outside, although still sunny and nice. The weather felt like a nice and fresh chilly weather, similar to very early morning coolness, right after a rainstorm. I turn my computer and immediately noticed the computer time was 2:22 pm. By 3:33 pm, I decide to blog about my Ultraviolet idea, using various snapshots that I have taking at various local events.

Thursday’s Message that I received after meditation: All your wishes are coming true, where you realize that you can make a difference and do positive things in the world. But you are still working on your project, and it is often a struggle with certain issues that crop up, like sharpening certain colored pencils, and you feel your work might not be very good. You have a choice of either giving up or continue working on your project. There is a butterfly nearby, and which is a sign for hope. Be open to something, which will help you move forward.


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    • yeah, it all started when i started noticing these sequential numbers on the digital clock, in which i realized someone was trying to tell me something because it was too much of a weird coincidence.