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A Bridge is Not a High Place – WIP

Some of you might remember Beth from the Man Made Challenge, and been wondering what happened to her. Well it turns out she has been patiently waiting on her bridge for two months, but I did finally get back to that neck of the woods and brought her up to speed

Are you ready to take a pilgrimage with Bethlehem? Don’t worry if you lose your balance on the bridge, she assures me that it isn’t a high place…

#1 rough sketch

She seems more isolated in the value study and this is due to the large amount of negative space. Even though the WIP uses the exact same ratio, the clouds break it up just enough so that it doesn't read as empty

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#2 omake

A test render of the bridge by itself. I would love to indicate the full size of the structure but then Beth would be lost in the composition

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#3 work in progress

This version is about as developed as it will ever be, since I have decided to scrap it and launch a new iteration based upon everything I've learned working on this piece, so please look forward to it!

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#4 alternate version

While this is a nice piece, it seems a little washed out. I prefer the treatment with more a vivid palette...

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