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Windswept Thumb – WIP

Music is an integral part of my creative process, and no band has influenced my work more than Marillion. Not only are their lyrics rich with symbolism, I’ve also shamelessly swiped countless titles for my work from my progressive muse. Are there any other Marillion fans here?

At any rate, this is windswept thumb and it was inspired by the song of the same name

#1 work in progress

While this piece is of release quality, it seems a little too dark. I wanted it overcast and moody but I think I pushed it a bit too far...

A couple more attempts should get it sorted. I'll have those variants and some omake instead of fanservice for you soon, please look forward to it!

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#2 rough sketch

On the other hand, this sketch is too light. What is it with me and Goldilocks this week?

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    • On the outskirts of nowhere, on the ringroad to somewhere
      On the verge of indecision, I’ll always take the roundabout way..
      Waiting on the rain (for I was born with a habit, from a sign)
      The habit of a windswept thumb & the sign of the rain